Alexey Reznikovich – Profile & Career

Businessman Alexey Reznikovich

Successful Businessman Alexey Reznikovich – CEO of Alfa Telecom, one of Russia’s largest privately owned financial-investment conglomerates and consists of various businesses, with interests in commercial and investment banking, asset management, insurance, retail trade, water utilities, as well as special-situation investments.

Founded in 1989, Alfa Group (“Consortium”) typically focus on value-oriented, longer-term opportunities, primarily in Russia and the CIS, but also invest in other markets which form part of their strategic business objectives.


Alexey Reznikovich born in Moscow, Russia in 1968

The very early years of Alexey Reznikovich’s life were typically talented, ambitious and focused. Having the right mind-set is the foundation of Alexey success that stirs up a certain level of excitement, passion and is enjoyable and interesting.

Alexey Reznikovich of L1 Banner


Alexey Reznikovich was a graduate of the Moscow State University, Economics Faculty and received his MBA from both Georgetown University (USA) and INSEAD (France) in 1993.

Early career

From 1993 to 2000, Alexey Reznikovich worked in consulting company McKinsey & Co, and from 1998 he was a Partner in McKinsey & Co. McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm that serves leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits to help clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realise their most important goals. Recently awarded “The 2015 Business Book of the Year”.

Prior to his time at McKinsey, Alexey Reznikovich worked at Procter & Gamble in Italy, one of the world’s leading consumer products companies serving consumers more than 180 countries and Transworld in the USA which operates as a holding company with global interests in oil, gas, and refining. It also owns Transworld Properties, a real estate investment firm.

In 2001 he founded and acted as General Director of the internet cafe network Cafemax (Russia). A new business venture to develop internet centres in Russia. An international style café providing food and beverages in a relaxed and friendly environment, with technology to hand.

In 2002 Alexey Reznikovich joined the Supervisory Board of Alfa Group. In June 2005, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Alfa Telecom. Later re-named Altimo.

Founded in 2005 and part of the Alfa group, Altimo is the telecoms investment arm of the Russia’s Alfa Group Consortium. is a highly respected independent news portal covering the latest technological advancements and market trends, focussing on the key business and technology issues facing the industry today.

Alexey Reznikovich’s Current Status

Mr Reznikovich is Managing Partner of L1 Technology.

Reznikovich Alexey LetterOne L1

The L1 Group was founded in 2013, they are an international business based in Luxembourg targeting investments in sectors with world class expertise, and where we believe we can generate long-term sustainable growth.

The L1 Technology Team are responsible for the sourcing, screening and presenting investment opportunities for approval by the Group management as well as the strategy and operational performance of the existing investment portfolio. L1 Technology Team is supported by an independent Advisory Board.

L1 Technology is seeking to grow its portfolio of mobile businesses, whilst adding digital services that complement its existing networks. As the telecoms sector restructures, it will use new technology to transform traditional business practices.

Quote from Alexey Reznikovich “L1 Technology will invest in digital systems, which are revolutionising the global telecoms market, and in data and telecoms infrastructure in emerging markets, where we have world-class expertise.”

L1 Technology is targeting three main areas for new acquisitions:

  • It will look at existing businesses, where it can use its 10 year expertise in emerging and developed markets to add value to mobile telecoms businesses and companies operating in the digital universe.
  • It will also consider acquiring technology companies, such as those that develop apps and streaming services, where it can add value through its experience and access to a large number of customers through its portfolio of global mobile assets.
  • It is also targeting adjacencies in infrastructure, which provide the opportunity to capitalise on complementary forms of network infrastructure, such as data centres and signal towers.

New acquisitions will benefit from L1 Technology’s significant sector and market expertise. They will also gain access to our existing customer base, which numbers over 290 million across our current networks.

Through his determination and commitment Alexey Reznikovich will continue his success. As Winston Churchill once said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”


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